The roots of Bently Enterprises go back to 1956.

This was the year Don Bently formed his own company to sell machinery diagnostic parts out of his garage in Berkeley, California.

More than a half century later, Christopher Bently manages the Bently companies in industries ranging from ranching to real estate — all tied together with a common theme: to be environmentally friendly, use innovative technology, and to preserve the history and community of the areas served by his businesses.

While we’re planning on growing even more over the next fifty years, no matter what changes we’ll always hold true to the ideals of innovation and ethical business practices.

Our Company Values


Create a safe and healthy work environment

To create a safe work environment that promotes safety awareness through communication, collaboration, training, and teamwork.


Exercise Environmental Responsibility.

What's good for the environment is good for business. From our Ranch and LEED-certified properties, to employees spearheading green initiatives, being a steward of the environment connects our team.


Create trust through honest communication.

Respect is founded through integrity. With a unified vision, and transparent discussions, ideas thrive from every corner of our businesses. We treat each other how we expect to be treated ourselves, and it's refreshing.


Grow employees and our businesses through meaningful work.

We foster an environment of learning and mentoring. We build paths for our staff to try new careers, and to enrich their lives through work that leaves a lasting impact.


Cultivate balance between our work and life.

Your quality of life, and the quality of life for the ones you love, are cornerstones in everything you do. We're partners, which is why we design flexibility in our work to give us time for the things that are most important to us.


Build on our tradition of quality.

Every project has a purpose – each element created with sincerity and care. For over 50 years we've never faltered on our standard of high-quality, and it still stands as a pillar for our expansion today.